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What Your Watch Says About You

  The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Swiss watch exports are up 40% year-over-year, with the majority of growth coming in the low-end Swatch range. Should you jump on the bandwagon?…..

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Nike LeBron 12 Release Delayed

The LeBron 12 has release has been delayed according to Nike PR Director Heidi Burgett. At this point the reason for the shift in dates is a “cosmetic issue”. What exactly that cosmetic issue…..

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What Should I Wear on a First Date?

Working up the courage to ask someone out is the tough part. Don’t waste anxiety on figuring out what to wear on the date. Find a no-fail uniform—and then replicate…..

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1: Make it custom. Because in this day and age, anything and everything in your closet can be customized. Options range from computerized made-to-measure (i.e., those nifty Web sites that…..

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Dressing For A Night On The Town

There are many ways to stand out in a bar setting — not all of them good. During a recent visit to a super-trendy bar in the East Village of…..

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Top 5 Sexy Tattoo Spots

These 5 sexy tattoo spots for men are sure to leave their memorable mark on anyone lucky enough to see your skin. Tattoo placement is just as important as design…..

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The Color That Best Describes Your Personality

The colors you wear express your personality and style, so make sure they’re broadcasting the right message. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, breaks down the fall…..

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5 Tips For Getting A Good Tattoo

1. Give the image some serious thought. There are tons of reasons to get a tattoo: An inspirational friend or family member, a big life event, or just for the sake…..