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The Seven-Day Guide to Sleeping Better

DAY 1 Learn that seven is the new eight Since you were a kid, everyone from sleep experts to your mom has said you needed a solid eight hours of…..

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Top 6: Home WorkOuts

The No. 1 excuse people use for not going to the gym is time. If getting yourself to the gym is proving difficult, bring the gym to you and work…..

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Why Burpees Are the Most Badass Exercise

Burpees make everything burn: Your muscles, your lungs, and most importantly, a ton of calories. The exercise—which entails going from pushup position to a jump and back to a pushup…..

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The Cutting Edge Way to Do Interval Training

What if your workout gave your body exactly what it needed? And what if you could clearly measure the results, and even get instant feedback? Well, you’d probably get better,…..

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Skills To Master By 30

Apart from the thought of all your exes getting cocktails together and talking about you, there’s nothing scarier for many men than the idea of turning the big 3-0. In…..

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For most guys, starting from the bottom and working upward is a great strategy when training abs, because yourlower abs tend to be more stubborn than the upper portion in terms of…..

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16 Ways to Fight Fat with Food

1. Eat More Frequently Eating 5-6 small meals a day as opposed to “three squares” causes your metabolism to work constantly. Eating larger meals, however, slows your metabolism and forces…..

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The Insane Bane Training Program

Workout Summary Main Goal: Build Muscle Workout Type: Split Training Level: Intermediate Days Per Week: 4 Equipment Required: Barbell, Bodyweight, Dumbbells, Machines Target Gender: Male & Female Author: Brad Borland…..